Types Of The Different Glutathione Injections Available With The Website

There are a number of different types of Glutathione Injections that are readily available in the clinic to suit every need of them.  Below mentioned are the prominent ones:-glutathione injection

  1. GSH Ultima 1500mg

This is probably one of the strongest dosages of Glutathione as an injectable. Care must be taken to avoid alcohol and use of tobacco products while in usage as it could possibly create adverse reactions.  Care must also be taken in case the patient is on cardiac drugs and possible cholesterol control drugs like statins.

            Dosage: A convenient once a week is the most optimum dosage.  This could be possible the lowest frequency administration of Glutathione.

  1. Glutax 3GS Advance cellular whitening Injections

This is a further improvement of the Ultima 1500mg by the addition of a number of additive vitamins and minerals.  With this the effects of the injection are seen to be more deeply felt with a clearer skin than before.  The additional antioxidants provide for a more youthful looking skin other than the clearer hue that it takes.

            Dosage: A single dosage every week for two to three months is what it takes to bring out the best in the shade of the skin.

            Maintenance: Once the desired effect is reached, then the treating physician could use a best suited maintenance dosage to keep the hue for the furthest time and is subject to the nature and condition of the user.

3.      Glutax 5GS Micro cellular ultra whitening injections

With the further refinement of the earlier versions to Glutathione injections that provide a more complete skin care than just the skin hue.  This is a more fortified version of the Glutathione formulation and is used to bring about a more lasting effect.  The very concentrated nature of the formulation makes it imperative that tobacco and spirits are best avoided during times of treatment. glutathione injection

            Dosage: A single shot once a week is the optimum dosage but in case of lesser tolerance, the optimum use can be initiated with each case.  The treating physician is best suited to come to this strength and can vary with patient and condition of the patient.

            Maintenance: A dosage that varies with person and the condition of the person should be used to keep the effects of the main treatment in force for the farthest.  It is best advised to consult the treating doctor for the optimum use.