Range of Debt Collection Services at Alexander, Miller & Associates

The debt collection services of Alexander, Miller & Associates are oriented towards a wide range of commercial, industrial, infrastructural and logistical establishments. They offer a vast array of services which include collection and recovery of debts, consultations, legal protection, customer assistance and onsite investigations etc. They have a vast infrastructure of HR, IT hardware and software, communication channels, data centers and other client centric facilities. Their braches and associates are spread all over the world from Houston in the US to Canada, Mexico, Hongkong and India and other global locations. Their unique programs are rated highest among the creditors as well as the debtors.

Alexander, Miller & Associates Alexander, Miller & Associates – Multiple Client Benefits

  • Technical Consultations: – The consultation programs launched by Alexander, Miller & Associates ensure finance and accounting management in the right manner to the clients. Many of the creditor companies still follow the traditional method of book keeping and accounting. Some of them have started using electronic spreadsheets and small time applications which are inefficient in nature. The main problems they face are related to the follow up of outstanding receivables from the debtors. Hence the volume of debt grows beyond the limits manageable by the debtors also. When the emergency strikes the creditors, they manage to prepare the reports and send them to the debtors. Since the debtors are unable to clear the entire amount of money within the timeframe specified by the creditors, the balances keep growing until the creditors choose to take the legal course. This approach complicates the proceedings further. The experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates offer consultations for automating and streamlining the accounting and finance management procedures at the client end. This approach simplifies the entire procedures.

    Alexander, Miller & Associates

  • Customer Assistance: – The customer assistance programs launched by Alexander, Miller & Associates are oriented towards solving the debt collection problems. The experts at the agency launch unique investigation procedures for determining the nature and volume of outstanding payables by the debtors. They include logistics, food processing and catering sectors. Most of the debtors owing money adopt a non-cooperative approach when they are contacted by the creditors directly. They also have a tendency of postponing the reconciliation of debts and coming out with a clear picture of how much they owe to their creditors. Since the creditors don’t have the necessary IT infrastructure to process the data, they also lag in preparing reports and documents needed for the collection. Here the services of Alexander, Miller & Associates play important role in streamlining the reporting and documentation procedures. Once these procedures are complete, the agency starts the next stage of debtor negotiations. They are able to convince the debtors to clear all the outstanding balances in an amicable manner. How they achieve it is still a mystery to many of the creditors. In fact many of the so called stubborn debtors have legally agreed and cleared their balances without any hassles. The collection and the supporting teams at Alexander, Miller & Associates seem to make all the difference.