Coverage range of Creditfix IVA services

The coverage range of Creditfix IVA services can be   seen from the perspective of the loan and the nature of your profession. It is obvious that you opt for IVA only when you are near bankruptcy or completely unable to repay your debts entirely due to the financial crisis you are going through. In such cases you should approach a legally authorized insolvency practitioner for settling your dispute with the creditor(s) from whom you have borrowed the loan.

The Creditfix IVA service provider will be your official representative at the creditor as well as the court of law which authorizes the IVA agreement. You shall communicate only with the Creditfix IVA   for any types of transactions and communication you wish to have with the creditor(s). At no point of time any part or complete transaction shall happen between you and your creditor(s).

Types of loans covered by Creditfix IVA

  • Personal loan for which you haven’t mortgaged any of your property. This is an unsecured type of loan. You might have taken the personal loan from a bank by submitting your salary history and other required documents. Or you might have taken personal loan from a financial institution or community organization. Creditfix IVA can cover all these loan types effectively.
  • Overdrafts from banks are also covered. But the net value should be greater than a specific value as fixed by the law and the Creditfix IVA. You can’t go for an IVA if your bank overdraft is less than the specific value. You need to consult the Creditfix IVA advisor before opting for IVA.
  • Credit card loans. You might have used your credit card to make purchases or make payments whose value is over 10,000 pounds. In some cases the minimum and maximum ceiling on the credit car loan might vary depending on the credit card company.
  • Store cards which are used to make online/offline purchases. Even here the cases the minimum and maximum ceiling on the credit car loan might vary depending on the online/offline store which sets the conditions. The other types of loans include charge cards and catalogue loans.

The above listed loans are categorized under non priority types of loans. There is another type of loan which is the prioritized loan which is under the government and legal bindings. For example your arrears of council taxes, debts related to tax payments (you should get a clear idea about the tax structure and the type with your consultant at Creditfix IVA services) or utility services debts.

Non coverage of Creditfix IVA services

 Spouse and child maintenance debts cannot be covered under IVA. The other debts which cannot be covered are court fines and mortgages. The arrears of house rents can be covered by the Creditfix IVA services provided your apartment landlord agrees with it. So you can’t expect this coverage to be always successful. Consult your consultant at the Creditfix IVA services to get more details about the other probable options for coverage which will help you in taking a decision.

Enhancing the Role of Websites for Insurance Agents across Social Media

Business Analytics with Google makes is a tool for websites for insurance agents, which can be sued to track the visitors’ traffic and activities at any time. Based on the data the system can generate product wise popularity index, age group of visitors, types of preferred products, ratio of potential and converted clients for a period etc. This is called as decision support system. You are able to change the insurance agent marketing strategies based on specific product strength and shortfalls. You start focusing on reaching more clients and find out their changing insurance needs.   This will help you device better strategies of marketing for insurance agencies.

Biggest “Bang” Theory    of Social Media for Insurance Agents

  • Social media today has transformed from a chatting and gossiping rooms into powerful business platforms for small, medium and corporate level companies. Here you can find most of the potential leads for a day. By using Message Queuing tools you can effectively communicate with all these potential clients.
  • “Find target” tools help you in locating all the potential clients who might be interested in buying insurance within a specific span of time. Their identification is considered to be very critical. This is because you can rather spend an hour for a client buying an insurance policy tomorrow, than spending 30 minutes with a client who might buy it next year. These types of critical client filtering can be done with find target tools.
  • A visitor in social media for insurance agents may not be a direct client, but she might recommend your product to someone close in the social media. So you need to have recommend buttons for adding email and contact details of her friends to the listing.
  • Tracking URLs is another necessity for insurance websites marketing. This will show how your plan of marketing for insurance agencies is working across social media for insurance agents. If you find any shortcoming, you can get tools which give you suggestions to improve.
  • One to one communication with the potential insurance client can simplify your task of familiarizing your insurance websites. Once the clients are able to understand the real benefits from your insurance products, they start recommending other clients for your business. This is considered to be more effective than any other method of marketing for insurance agencies.

The Role of Websites for Insurance Agents

You can market a product in any way as long as it is marketable. So if you wish to do powerful insurance agent marketing, your insurance websites should be strong enough to create interest among the visitors.

  • Filer out all unnecessary data from your website and make it compact.
  • Provide personalized product and services search options to clients.
  • Add live chat rooms with your clients in the websites for insurance agents as well as the social media for insurance agents. They help you in getting to know about the real time feedback of your existing clients and requirements of potential clients.