Immense Achievements of Tran Siu Harvestor Ward Member

Young achiever Tran Siu Harvestor ward member has been involved in the field of social service with a purely scientific approach. He understands the need for involving modern technology for brining personal and community level changes in the coming years. He feels technology can transform the way in which disabled persons can simplify their lives, elders can streamline their energy and the youth can excel in sporting activities. His charity raising efforts have been focused in this direction.

Tran Siu harvestor ward memberApart from being actively involved in social activities, Tran Siu is aggressively pursuing his own academic career with great enthusiasm. His ambition to graduate in the fields of science and commerce could set a unique path for others to emulate.

Helping the Disabled -Tran Siu Harvestor Ward Member

Science and technology have come a long way in helping the disabled. Tran Siu Harvestor ward member has understood the need for empowering them with the latest utilities and equipment. Getting sponsors for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other living and functional aids has helped many deserving students to get back into the flow of life.

  • Tran Siu Harvestor ward member has been actively working with people having cognitive disabilities, learning disorders, depression and anxiety and other disorders. His aim is to stabilize their lives and provide a platform through which they can earn and live independently.
  • Restoring the psychological health of the disabled seems to be one of the core goals of Tran Siu. He feels this can go a long way in uplifting their standards of living to the higher levels. As long as a person feels he can overcome the limitations posed by disability, there are always opportunities to explore and challenges to meet. Tran Siu Harvestor ward member starts them off with a simple game of Bocce. The ability to bowl, roll push and play with the ball without help gives them the confidence to push themselves further. Once they have reached a specific level of confidence, the limitations in their mind naturally break open and their zeal for life starts flowing relentlessly.

Hope for the Aged with Tran Siu Harvestor ward member

Aged and the aging people seem to be affected with a strange phenomenon of panic triggers. This might grow into severe depression and anxiety as their physical age increases. Tran Siu Harvestor ward member understands the need for dispelling this myth and bring the elders back to the mainstream of life.

Tran Siu harvestor ward member

  • Staring the internet classes is just the beginning of a long term plan for elders, says Tran Siu. Once they get exposed to the immense potentials of the internet, they will be able to use their talents and skills to creative tasks in their chosen field. For example skilled carpenters could make sophisticated furniture, artists could become visionary creators and teachers could pick up new tools for reaching out to students through online classes.
  • The internet has also given the elders a new source of earning. They will be able to support their living independently and lead happier lives due to the efforts of Tran Siu Harvestor ward member.