Click Here for the Latest EA CRICKET 2017 Version

The Electronic Arts has released The EA CRICKET 2017 game for the cricket fans who love to play online. This edition has its brand-new features including HQ Textures, the Stadium Kits, New Players and new tournaments in all formats.Click here for EACRICKET Free Download version.

A Sneak Peek to the New Features:

Outstanding Features of EA CRICKET 2017:

  • Day & Night Test Matches.
  • IPL, World Cup T20, Big Bash League and BPL tournaments.
  • Realistic Stadiums and players.
  • Realtime player shots like Sweep shots, Reverse sweep, Hook and Pull, Cover and Square drives, Paddle Sweep.


This version has all your favorite tournaments viz. ICC T20 World Cup, ICC WORLD CUP 2015, CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2017, Indian Premiere league, Big Bash League, Bangladesh Premiere League, NATWEST T20, Ram Slam, etc.

The Other attractive features are friendly matches with 5,10,20 and 50 overs of your choice. Also, Day and Night Test matches for 4 to 5 days.


Stadiums all around the world were introduced in this game for all teams. The list includes Kolkata, Chinnaswamy, Bangalore, Mohali PCA Stadium, Hyderabad, Rajkot, etc. from India. Sharjah and Abu Dhabi from UAE. Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, etc. from Australia. Wellington and Auckland from New Zealand. Cape Town and Johannesburg from South Africa.

EA CRICKET 2017 game

For those having the 3D Android phones you may have the 3D effects. It is possible to challenge family and friends in IPLA cricket fever Challenge. You can readily download it. There’s an accession of Test Series between any 2 groups you select. Installation technique is quite easy, you only have to know the method of installation. The interface is quite intriguing and you’ll be shocked to observe the new graphics.

Here is the Guide for EA Cricket Free Download:

Cricket is counted among the best sports games that is popular all around the world. Cricket 2015 might be the top second variant of the collection. You could also get this EACRICKET Free Download version here.

The specific things are that every one of the teams are found in this game. It is also possible to select a special or selected team also. You’re able to choose from several groups, from several countries, or you could create your own team and title it, select players, etc.

EA CRICKET 2017 game

The game has several new features and most innovative graphics that provides you an actual feel of the Cricket. Altogether this game is a rather fine and remarkable improvement in the collection of cricket games made by EA Sports. It is fantastic for cricket lovers. IPL 6 game is just about the 6th game inside this collection. The game provides extensive configuration alternatives you can pick the quantity of the game (the range of “overs” that you are gone to perform). On the other hand, there’s a player with bat, who’s trying to hit the thrown ball and bat so far as you can, so the remaining 9 players may chase the ball back on the area. This version of EA Cricket will be a treat for the Cricket fans.

This video game will be your best friend forever

How many of you are die heart lover of video games? Most of them will fall for the shooting based video games. There is no hard and fast rule that you can’t try out for any other game. Gamers must have been familiar with the video game called csgo500. This is the brand new video game from the maker of popular action means shooting based video game company. Action games are always in demand.

Why this particular brand new action game?

Any newly launched product grab more attention you know as it has just started its journey. Many new promises to be fulfilled and new avenues to be discovered? New avenues or paths will give birth to another very good video game of the same area. That is why feedbacks of the customers are so valuable. Only they can highlight that what they want and where is the loop hole of that particular video game? The csgo500 follows the steps of its ancestors so very successfully that it will be very difficult for the new comers to understand that where the difference lies? Those who all are pro about gaming industry they only can identify that few more soldiers and weapons have been added to this newest version of this game. The User Interface or the speed are mostly the same. The bug related issues have been solved by providing more security elements into this game. That is why it is recommended to give it a single try. You never know that you can differentiate this one with the older version. For a layman it will be really surprising to make out why someone should tell this csgo500 as the best shooting based video game of current date. Hopefully, it is not over hyped like other people mention about this. Most of us needed to bang our head on the wall as they think that it is the appropriate to carry on with the latest version of the shooting based video games. Many new things to be discovered about and may be you can successfully do that also.

Trying hands to this video game

  • Try to go through their company website as it will help you to be abide by all the latest changes and current additions to this video game.
  • The csgo500 will never make you to feel bore by at least the interactive sound of this game.
  • Newly added weapons and soldiers are apt and appropriate for the video game.
  • More inter active than the previous version of this shooting based video games.
  • You can imagine more gracefully about the video game or the shooting game.


So boys just give this video game a try in the next weekend as it will totally refresh your mood at first. The csgo500 will meet your expectation of course in your life. All the users are damn satisfied with this shooting based video game. Cancel all your plans for the upcoming weekend and book your appointment with this brand new shooting game.

Bet Safe, Bet Right, Bet With SBOBET

SBOBET is synonymous to the one of the largest gambling sites present online in the region of Asia. It has the right and official license to conduct online gaming and home betting in the continents of Asia and Europe. In the continent of Asia, SBOBET is under the licensing of First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation, belonging to Manila, the capital city of The Philippines. Similarly, for the European market, they are under the regulation and licensing of Government of Isle of Man. Just in Asia itself, SBOBET is available in as much languages in most of the countries.

SBOBET is not just all betting and gambling, rather even sponsoring

SBOBET caters to online gambling and betting not just in one, rather many sports around the world. Yes, it is true that football might be one of the popular games of this site but it doesn’t mean that SBOBET doesn’t deals with other sports. Apart from that, they also sponsors several renowned football clubs of the world namely, Norwich City, Cardiff City, Hull City, Southampton FC, West Ham United and even Swansea City. These are names of some of the famous football clubs in the English Premier League division.

Why to choose SBOBET over other similar betting platforms?

SBOBET always ensures that its players never get incriminated or harassed due to unlawful behaviours and as such doesn’t allows anything other than fair play in their platforms. There are other similar platforms which does biasedness with top rated players in their site. If a person from these sites wins most of the bets in the houses but is still not considered a pro player, then there is virtually no limit to that person’s ability to bet. Whereas, the same doesn’t happens in SBOBET where there is always equality even between a fad player and a pro player without any biasedness or discrimination.

The important games endorsed by SBOBET in their online site

SBOBETThere are more than ten types of games available for betting in SBOBET but the top five form them can be considerably the ones with most popularity.

  • Football is definitely the best among the players of SBOBET.
  • Basketball is also famous like football to the spectators around the world and thus, is a hot property for betting in the site.
  • In some of the countries, mostly in the Asia, baseball is not a game well understood but nonetheless, it is taken as a game of concern by the bettors.
  • Tennis is rather a simple sport and thus a cakewalk for those who are good at betting.
  • American Football is also a game restricted to that country and not many countries in Asian continent knows about its rules and regulations. But still if you want, it is always open to bet on that game.

In addition to these sports, there can also be Athletics, Cricket, Cycling, Boxing and other sports which you can play on the platform of SBOBET.

You can always for what SBOBET is – It is nothing but the best

SBOBET also provides gambling services to other games apart from the ones mentioned above. You can try for the games like Online Poker, Keno, Black Jack and other online games in the platform. There are also other benefits like a unique level of trust and worthiness which SBOBET caters to all of its players that you can be sure of its fairplay and ideals.

Fifa Hacks: Beat Them all

Fifa is a very popular game and has been around for quite some time. This particular game falls into the multiplayer games. the game is available on both consoles and computers. And is quite competitive and the perfect eye candy for football lovers. Here are a few things about Fifa. Unlike traditional games FIfa is a sports game, hence it has no story as such, other than than the rivalry which exists between the team. Over the years the game has senn quite a few upgradw. Previously, the graphics weren’t that much impressive. The players l;ooked blocky, and the controls were not so responsive. Gradually the developers, in a process to breathe life into the game, has created a game that reeks of the reality. The newest installments of Fifa has lifelike graphics and depth. On top that, the has flavour texts, custom greetings and actions sets for individual players.

Fifa’s Entry into the mobile platform

The game was first released on the mobile platform in the year 2006. The thrills of the game can now be experienced on a mobile platform. Although only a handful of devices supported the game, but it as a huge step forward. Naturally, the game was a bit buggy, an issue which has gradually been resolved. Now with improvements come restrictions. Let’s talk a bit about restrictions. Microtransactions have been introduced in also met every game that people can think of. The games are of course free to play, but in order to be truly competitive, one has to buy some in-game items that will help them. Our beloved Fiat is no stranger to these microtransactions.

How to get micro transaction?

It’s quite easy to buy something inside the game. Once you have visited the shop, select the item and fill in your credentials and you’re good to go. However, if you’re not willing to spend money on some virtual platform then by ball means, go about buying these items with the help of hacks that are available all over the internet.

What are hacks?

Game hacks are special software or programs that manipulate the game into giving you rewards and items, for which you would have to play otherwise. These hacks are like cheat codes. Games nowadays have a lot of in-game currencies such as coins, gems or in this case FIFA points. They have to be bought using real money and then spent on the game itineraries. With the help of hacks, a player can go about doing this without spending a buck.

How to get hacks?

Talking about hacks, they can be obtained in two ways. A player can either get the game modded online, or they can download the software and do it on their computers. There are also modded versions of the game available on the internet. These mobile games have already been hacked and have almost unlimited amount of coins and currencies for the user to buy the different in-game items, and will help you to compete with the players around you.


MovieStarPlanet hack is quite popular among the players

The game MovieStarPlanet is one of the most popular online game. This game is quite popular among kids and even the people of other generations. You will become very social in this game and make a lot of friends. It will make your free time funny and enjoyable. This is so popular that this game has over 250 millions of players. The MovieStarPlanet is proved to be very safe for it’s players but you need msp hack to play this game.

MSP hack has been created to supply unlimited Diamonds, Starcoins and VIP in the account of the players of the game MovieStarPlanet. You have to follow some simple steps to get all this currencies. You can play this game in Android, IOS and also in Window.

Starcoins are the primary currency in this game. After watching a movie each player earn 10 coins and the creator of the movie earns more coin but it completely depends on the level. The more higher level you go the more coins you earn. The pet in the game helps you to get one to five starcoins. Other ways by which you can get more coin is that, by using msp hack or by spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

After getting the starcoins you can get Diamonds or gems in the next level. Players use these diamonds for purchasing cloths, animation etc. You can get Diamonds if you buy VIP or if you win contests.

The important thing in this game is the VIP status. Players can buy VIP packages which can give them more diamonds, starcoins and you can also avail those many features that you cannot get in the free version of the game. If the players want all these features everytime they have to pay monthly membership.

What is the reason behind creating MSP cheats?

To avoid the payment of the monthly membership we have decided to make msp hacks. These msp hacks are very efficient and totally free from spyware, malware and viruses. By using these features you may play advance game and can use any amazing features without paying anything. Players are sometime cannot afford the VIP packages but parents are forced by their children to buy more diamonds, starcoins and VIP. Here are the beauty of our msp hacks which can help you to get diamonds, VIP, starcoins which are absolutely free.

Those who creates the msp hacks they know very well how to bypass the security level of MovieStarPlanet. This is an online game and you can play this game through server and the creator of this hack tool knows how to manupulate the servers and help players to generate Diamonds, Stracoins and VIP status. You have to enter your username then have to choose a platform and get connected with the game. After doing this, wait for a few seconds then you can enter the amount of your currencies like Diamonds, Starcoins you need and you can also choose a VIP package which is free.

Free Club Penguin Membership Code Generator for All

People who are avid gamers must welcome to the place of freeclubpenguin membership. In the time, you know this is one of the biggest things and most lucrative one as well, you can be the best of it. The membership codes are not just for playing the games, but also the important things that help you know which would be the choice for the membership of the games. If you think you need to connect or download the application for the purpose of membership then you are not that much right, because you can directly register with the site.

free clubpenguin membership

Who Can Be Benefited with this membership

This free clubpenguin membership is great for those who cannot really afford the premium a/c and also like to be the member with the club. Especially for the purpose of people who wish to have and give away the codes or want their alternate of the accounts to be the members. Whether you want to be the free membership, please hurry as you know most of the time free membership is finished as hundreds of thousands of people every day go for it and you know that.

What the Club Penguin Membership

Let us see what free clubpenguin membership is and how you can get the benefits of having it. Yes it is a club penguin membership generator. Now this is the ideal time that you use the club penguin membership hack for your benefits and fill up the form given in the site that you can do following the step-by-step guidelines. You will see the get code button, though this is not at all your penguin password. It is just a password through with you can access then the generator will be told in the video.

What to Know to Active the Code

Activating the code is not a daunting task. Once you have claimed that you are free of the code and the following, the quick tutorial will help you to do that. You just need to go to the membership area that is clubpenguin and need to scroll down to the membership cards and click the active now button that you see there. Now you have to long in to the free clubpenguin membership account and with the email that you get the code need to put there after the registration confirmation your account will be activated and you will access the free club penguin membership.

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Membership means association and here is also the same thing you get with the free clubpenguin membership, when you register with it, you will get to know the access benefits and especially if you are a gamer then this would be the best thing for you. You will see the get code button, though this is not at all your penguin password. It is just a password through with you can access then the generator will be told to you how to do it and to do it easily.