Click Here for the Latest EA CRICKET 2017 Version

The Electronic Arts has released The EA CRICKET 2017 game for the cricket fans who love to play online. This edition has its brand-new features including HQ Textures, the Stadium Kits, New Players and new tournaments in all formats.Click here for EACRICKET Free Download version.

A Sneak Peek to the New Features:

Outstanding Features of EA CRICKET 2017:

  • Day & Night Test Matches.
  • IPL, World Cup T20, Big Bash League and BPL tournaments.
  • Realistic Stadiums and players.
  • Realtime player shots like Sweep shots, Reverse sweep, Hook and Pull, Cover and Square drives, Paddle Sweep.


This version has all your favorite tournaments viz. ICC T20 World Cup, ICC WORLD CUP 2015, CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2017, Indian Premiere league, Big Bash League, Bangladesh Premiere League, NATWEST T20, Ram Slam, etc.

The Other attractive features are friendly matches with 5,10,20 and 50 overs of your choice. Also, Day and Night Test matches for 4 to 5 days.


Stadiums all around the world were introduced in this game for all teams. The list includes Kolkata, Chinnaswamy, Bangalore, Mohali PCA Stadium, Hyderabad, Rajkot, etc. from India. Sharjah and Abu Dhabi from UAE. Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, etc. from Australia. Wellington and Auckland from New Zealand. Cape Town and Johannesburg from South Africa.

EA CRICKET 2017 game

For those having the 3D Android phones you may have the 3D effects. It is possible to challenge family and friends in IPLA cricket fever Challenge. You can readily download it. There’s an accession of Test Series between any 2 groups you select. Installation technique is quite easy, you only have to know the method of installation. The interface is quite intriguing and you’ll be shocked to observe the new graphics.

Here is the Guide for EA Cricket Free Download:

Cricket is counted among the best sports games that is popular all around the world. Cricket 2015 might be the top second variant of the collection. You could also get this EACRICKET Free Download version here.

The specific things are that every one of the teams are found in this game. It is also possible to select a special or selected team also. You’re able to choose from several groups, from several countries, or you could create your own team and title it, select players, etc.

EA CRICKET 2017 game

The game has several new features and most innovative graphics that provides you an actual feel of the Cricket. Altogether this game is a rather fine and remarkable improvement in the collection of cricket games made by EA Sports. It is fantastic for cricket lovers. IPL 6 game is just about the 6th game inside this collection. The game provides extensive configuration alternatives you can pick the quantity of the game (the range of “overs” that you are gone to perform). On the other hand, there’s a player with bat, who’s trying to hit the thrown ball and bat so far as you can, so the remaining 9 players may chase the ball back on the area. This version of EA Cricket will be a treat for the Cricket fans.

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MovieStarPlanet hack is quite popular among the players

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Plastic Surgery Games:Is About Human Body Re-Establishment

Plastic surgery is about human body re-establishment, rebuilding, or modification by surgical treatment. It may be used for personal or medical purposes. Mostly, people think that it’s just about to making nose small or large, but contrarily it helps to such individuals who got burned. It is done by replacing skin from another part of the body to burn. In fact, personals who feel little self-confidence, suffer scratchy or awkward uses for fixing themselves. Harold Gilles was considered as the father of modern plastic surgery.  There are different types of plastic surgery which include:

Plastic Surgery Games

  • Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is an important part which surely includes facial and body surgery. Cosmetic surgical main beliefs on transforming surgical actions which involve cut off operations to improve all over manifestation through plastic surgeons.

  • Burn surgery

Primarily, there are two types of burn surgery which are Acute burn surgery and Reconstructive burn surgery.

  • Hand surgery

With this in mind, hand surgery is about to hand and wrist acute injuries and diseases. It is a significant component of plastic surgery training.

  • Pediatric plastic surgery

Children often face different experiences from adult long-suffering. There are many defects presents at birth which are superlative treated in childhood. So, all of these situations of childhood are handled by pediatric surgeons.

  • Microsurgery

Microsurgery is commonly about to transferring a piece of tissue for the purpose of renewing of missing tissues by reconnecting blood vessels. Basic areas are the head, neck, and breast reconstruction surgery.

Benefits and complications:

All types of surgery have common benefits and complications such as:

Hematoma, implant failure, nerve damage scarring, infection, and organ damage. Mostly, people want to increase their appearance with the use of plastic surgery for contraction up loose skin or smoothing out wrinkle lines. Others use it for increasing confidence apparently. The biggest disadvantage of plastic surgery is the highest cost and risk implications. It damages muscles, tissues, scarring and infections.

In Plastic Surgery games, the game designer provides a virtual platform to teach about surgery and give ideas in sudden situations. It also helps to increase self-motivation, self-esteem, confidence, experience and courage as similar to we get on playing other games. For example, in “Dress up gaming” following instructions we have to follow on:

  • First of all visit the above-mentioned site there will appear an interface with Barbie dolls. You can select “Super Barbie foot injury “in many of these like Inside Out hand doctor, Crazy day at dentist game, Crazy Eyes doctor etc.
  • Then there will appear a scenario that Barbie was trying to save someone while she injured her foot very badly. And you must have to help her or giving first aid to her. Below that there would be a button to play the game, click on it. Now the game is ready to play. After loading the game, there will appear many tools with bandits, tissues etc and you asked to use these tools with drag and drop process to cure the injured area of the foot. In this way, Barbie will pay you thanks for helping her.

The Sandbox Awesome Games ; Go Anywhere And Do Anything

Playing games is becoming more and more fun. Now you are not forced to do what the programmers want. You can play the game in a way you like. This is possible only in the open world games. Open world games or the sandbox games give us the opportunity to become a controller as well as a player. The player can roam and explore the scenario of the game. So, just get into the world of the virtual reality and enjoy Sandbox Awesome Games.

What Does The Sandbox Mean?

Traditionally the games had certain character limitations. We had to do only what the developer or programmer wanted. For example, if we were playing a racing game then we were only able to run on the road only. But sandbox games are not like that.

The sandbox games or sometimes called the open world games are designed in with the minimum character limitations. The player can change the scenario of the game if he wants to.

In a free roaming game, the player has access to the whole world of that particular game. To make the concept more simple take the example of a racing game we discussed above. If the game is a sandbox game, then the player would be able to explore the mountains, roads, and streets.

Sandbox Awesome Games

Some Of The Sandbox Games:

Following are some of the Sandbox Awesome Games that you would enjoy while playing:

  • Crashlands:

Crashland is a game in which you have to play a role of the trucker. The trucker who is stuck on a planet has to survive after defeating the enemies in the game. In addition he can also collect the items and build a home for himself. The crashland was launched in the year 2016. Moreover, the trucker can save the world by retrieving the packages he lost.

  • Kenshi:

The game starts when you are wandering around. Then slowly you build a team by adding members from a pub. In the starting the game is bit difficult but as the time passes you get the point how to play. Though the graphics of the game are not so good and you have to spend some time in understanding what you have to do exactly. But still, it is an interesting game.

  • Gangster Vegas:

The gangster Vegas is a game that takes place in Los Vegas. You have the opportunity to explore the city of Vegas in the game. Somehow it is like the grand theft auto as you have to play as a gangster. But in this game, you can form a group of gangsters. In addition you can also play MMA contest. You have to complete the missions as well.

  • Evochrone Legacy:

The Evochrone Legacy starts with a little ship in the space. But as the game continues you become able to do mining, exploring and trading too. Though the game had some bugs at the time of launching but every new season comes as a fantastic game. Thus every new season is better than the previous one.