Connor Paddon – The most successful Canadian Business Youngster

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions search engine is Google because it has performed time and again maintaining its efficiency and its commitment to work effortlessly for the users. It is therefore obvious that any position above Google is a very prime piece of location for theonline real estate for any business owner and this task is not a piece of cake. Not many can achieve a feat like that. 23-year-old Connor Paddon, however, does not subscribe to this description and has proven otherwise. This budding and already successful entrepreneur is the founder of the leading search engine optimization company in Canada holding the third search position. He has been able to efficiently change the client acquisition industry standard model using a method called ‘instant quote tool’ that he developed. He is a man with a wide imagination and a passion that does not stop at one creation or any sum of money.

Connor PaddonKnown to be the top entrepreneur of Canada in 2015, Connor Paddonis set to sell his first company, SearchBoost, via the popular e-commerce market place named Flippa. He is expected to see 6 digit numbers tagged onto his years of hard work that he put into bringing the company where it stands today. He has the capability to understand the processes of complex algorithms which plays a very vital role in competing for the topmost spot and this ability in this youngster has augmented the growth of his company and has emerged as a major contender among the various SEO companies across Canada and the United States of America.

Connor Paddon – who is this kid?

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Connor Paddontook to entrepreneurship at the tender age of 17, after having quit school. Dropping out is not often something people encourage but in this case, Connor’s parents realized his talent and actively encouraged him to do what he wanted. At 23, this youngster is the top entrepreneur in the country giving his competitors a run for their money who successfully pushed his way to the top while competing against mega corporations many of whose staffs are 10 times larger than that of SeachBoost. Since its inception, the company has witnessed a massive growth rate and has become a more and more lucrative option for all those businesses looking for marketing. Connor Paddonis proud to have found a company that falls within an exclusive group of those companies that still perform SEO effectively as most SEO companies nowadays have become a sellout and fail to live up to the expectations.

Connor PaddonWhat makes SearchBoost stand out?

Connor Paddonknows what attracts business owners and what gets them going for a partnership with a firm and hence he was successful in constructing a company that caters to those needs. Businesses collaborate with SearchBoost because they gain more than what they pay for in the initial few months. He has set up a company where businesses are charged not on the basis of time or work but on the basis of results, setting truly high standards for his competitors. Google plus profile of Connor paddon

Dallas Digital Agency – Efficiency in Enhancing Business Growth

The efficiency of the Dallas digital agency can be utilized to increase the inbound traffic of your website in two basic ways. The first one is through organic SEO, where the overhead costs of the adwords will not bother you. On the other hand they offer you the most effective plans for the adwords and paid SEO campaigns which can guarantee the placement of your advertisement at the most prominent places in the search engine result pages. The other advantage of working with paid ads is the placement in content based websites. They help in enhancing the scope and value of your campaigns across multiple categories of potential consumers. The experts can adopt the most advanced marketing techniques to speed up the process of lead generation and sales conversions within the shortest span of time.

dallas digital agencyDallas Digital Agency  – Effective Web Deign

  • Retention:- Visitor retention is eh first step towards increasing the probability of conversion. Most of the users tend to exit abruptly due to the inefficient designs, especially from the mobile devices. This is due to the difficulty in reading the link text and click on the right URL. The other possible reason is the non availability of alternate to text.  The lack of time and patience on part of the users might make them to exit your website from the landing page. When you choose the services of Dallas digital agency, you are practically eliminating all the possibilities of untimely exit by the potential consumers.
  • Provisions: – The provision for proper information about the products and services can enhance the decision making on purchases. This is made possible by the efficient content management system from the Dallas digital agency. This allows our website visitors to resize and to enlarge the text, images and the related videos in them. They will also be able to customize the key and touch screen operations for navigating and selecting processes within your website. The visitors will be able to get the maximum information within the minimum possible time, due to the efficient responsive designs created by the Dallas digital agency. The results can be seen right from the day one of submitting your website for the indexing from Google and other search engines.

    dallas digital agency

  • Conversions:- if you believe in the power of web designs to enhance the sales conversions, you are right now at the right place at the right time. The theme based website designs from Dallas digital agency can help in increasing the retention time of the potential consumers. They will be able to navigate through the various pages in your website without any sort of hassles. At the same time the professional design elements can help in the proper placement of text, images, infographics and the video links at the right locations. Once they are in place, the visitors will be able to navigate and find eh resources within a short span of time. The increase in trust on your brand reputation brought by tour website design can help in increasing sales conversions.

Who to Hire Your Next Web Developer

Too many times I hear about people who feel they were ripped off by their previous webmaster and are very reluctant to hire someone new for fear of the same thing happening again.

Some of these people decided they better do all the work themselves, struggled terribly trying to literally learn a whole new profession. They end up calling me out of sheer frustration that nothing is working and things are worse off than before.

One time I was having a conversation with someone on a completely unrelated topic and he asked me what I did, when I responded he blurted out, “I hate web developers.”

I cringed.

I’m sure this happens in every industry where there are people who are really great at what they do, some who do enough to get by, and some who only THINK they know what they’re doing!

The web development industry is no different.

If you are unhappy with your current web developer or are in the process of finding someone that you can trust and depend on to fulfill your web development needs, this article will provide some valuable tips that will help you find the perfect complement to your team.

The first thing to get clear on is exactly what kind of help you need.

When hiring a web developer, first get clear on what kind of help you need:

There are many different types of “web developers” out there and making the wrong choice can be very costly. So be sure you understand “who” you are hiring first and then your selection process will be much easier from there.

Here are four common types of web developers:

The WordPress VA (Virtual Assistant)

This person has figured out WordPress pretty well. They know how to install a WordPress theme (either free or purchased) and can make some modifications to that theme to help match your brand colours. They will have a good understanding of what plugins are available to match your needs as well.

Benefits: Usually hiring someone for this work charges less per hour than a fully qualified web developer. Putting together small-sized sites are their specialty.

Drawbacks: Often WordPress is all that they know and rarely do they know HTML or CSS to customize your website for any extra bells and whistles that you want to have.

Often purchased themes are so rigid that even moving an element from one part of the page to another is impossible to do with this type of limited knowledge.

When to hire them: You would want to hire a WordPress VA when you are not interested in a fully branded/customized website. You realize that any customization options are limited and you basically get what the theme preview shows aside from some colour, text and image changes.

You would also want to make this choice if you are already well versed in marketing strategy, copywriting, and branding and can simply tell your VA what needs to be done. Anticipate them having limited knowledge in some or all of these areas.

The Programmer

This person is what I lovingly call a “techno geek”. We have a few of these people on our team and we would not be able to be as successful as we are without them!

The Benefits: They know programming inside and out. They live, eat and sleep programming.

The Drawbacks: They can most definitely build you a fully functional website, no problem. But don’t expect it to look pretty! Branding, copywriting, design layout and marketing are rarely found in their list of skillsets.

You will probably need to hire someone else to help with those areas if you are not fully versed in them yourself.

When To Hire Them: You would want to hire a developer of this caliber if you have a complex website in mind that needs to be customized to fit your needs. Whether it’s an eCommerce engine, membership site or a database-driven tool, a fully trained and experienced programmer is your best bet.

The “All Round” developer

This again is a single person who has built enough websites to have a pretty good understanding of the bigger picture. They are what is called “a Generalist” where they have enough skills to be able to design and develop a decent website.

The Benefits: Having one person have knowledge in the different areas needed for web development is a big plus.

Usually this person has enough programming acumen to be able to handle most customizations and challenges that come up and will not need a plugin for every functionality (which will bog down your site’s performance).

They also are knowledgeable enough about branding and visual design that your site visitors will enjoy the experience of being there.

The Drawbacks: Even though they may appear to know a lot about web development, it’s impossible for one person to be really good at everything. It’s rare to find a really good designer also be a good developer (they do exist but they are a rare breed.) So you will still need to be, or have someone else on your team who is, well versed in online marketing and copywriting to help offset any weaknesses the person you hire has.

When To Hire Them: If you are lucky enough to find someone who has these skillsets AND is dependable, then you will have a great asset on your team. You will need to be aware of what their limitations are so that you can offset those areas with other people on your team.

The Web Development Agency

There several different types of web development agencies and for the sake of this article, I’ll focus on the kind that we are, a boutique web development and digital marketing agency. (If you’re looking for a big name agency that only multi-billion dollar corporations use, you wouldn’t have read this article to this point anyway!)

The Benefits: A boutique web development agency is not a one-man show. They are a team of professionals who can offer, as a collective group, all of the different areas of expertise that your business needs from a marketing perspective.

These areas generally include:

Brand Identity Design

Website Design and Layout


Online Marketing / Lead Generation

Video/Audio Editing


(Note some agencies only have 2 or 3 people on their team so be sure to ask questions to find out what everyone’s expertise is and if any skillset is lacking that you require.)

The other big benefit to using a web development agency is that they are very knowledgeable in your brand, your positioning and the message that you want convey to your ideal clients.

With every request you give them, they will already know what is needed and can discuss options with you to create something for you that is a perfect fit for your needs.

This avoids you from having to know what is needed yourself and also have to ensure other people on your team remain consistent with your brand message and design so you can focus more on what you do best.

The Drawbacks: Depending on who you find, the price point might be outside of your budget. Do your research: ask for and talk to referrals to help you decide if they will deliver what they promise. If they have a good reputation for being on time and on budget, then the extra costs will balance out in the long run.

When to hire them: Hiring a boutique web development agency can be one of the best things you can do as a new business. Doing this will assure that your new venture will get going on the right foot right off the bat. You will save a lot of time and money in the long run if you make this initial business investment.

If you already have an existing business and website but area ready to step up to the next level, this is the time to bring in an agency that can help you with not only the “doing” but also the strategizing to ensure you get to where you want to be without wasting a lot of time, money and energy.

You will also want to look for an agency when you want someone on your team for ongoing, consistent support. After your website is built, you will want someone you can contact at any time for website updates, creating new campaigns, doing SEO work etc.

My final piece of advice is to be sure you do your research on who you approach. You want to find someone with experience and skill who will partner with you to help you build your business.

Unless this is what you’re looking for, you want to avoid programmers and developers who only do exactly what you tell them. Having someone who can offer ideas and suggestions and be a part of your team to be a valuable resource when needed may be more ideal for you.

References are very important in this industry: Always ask to talk to their clients to see what their experience was working with the developer.

Be aware of those that claim to be developers when in reality, all they learned was how to use a “do it yourself” software like WIX or Weebly.

The quality of your website – both in design and in how it is coded – is very important on many levels. Ensure the person you hire understands how to design and build a quality product for you. Otherwise, you will most likely be faced with going through the whole process again in a short period of time once you realize your site is doing you more harm than good by turning off your potential clients instead of attracting them!

Susan Friesen is the founder of eVision Media, a boutique web development and Digital Marketing firm of over 15 years that specializes in designing, building and marketing professional, unique websites for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.

The perks of promotional video for a business

What does a business do immediately after the completion of manufacturing of a product or designing of a service? It aims at spreading awareness about these products or services to the common mass so that they get allured towards these and are prompted to purchase the same, thereby pulling profits for the businesses. This is the basic tenet of marketing, advertising, promotion and endorsing. A promotional video is one such tool that helps to reach the common mass with the details of a certain product/service or broadly a business brand. Without a promotional video today, there is scarcely any scope to succeed by the businesses because modern marketing always means something charismatic and at the same time, catchy so that it can at once arrest the attention of the public.

How does a promotional video create an impact upon the people?

In order to understand how a promotional video endorses a brand or advertises about a product/service, it is necessary to understand the advantages and the various features of video marketing, as it is the main backbone of a promotional video.

Whenever a business aims at advertising its products/services, it will first streamline the targeted public for the same because this will refine the marketing process. Moreover, the publicity is enhanced with the help of a promotional video much more as compared to those of other counterparts like textual forms of marketing. People are often inclined to get tired with the texts at some point of time and it is here, a promotional video plays a crucial role by breaking the boredom of these textual marketing forms and arrive as a refreshing look and feel giving all the vital information about the products/services of a company or a business to the maximum possible people available in the various video platforms, like YouTube.

The various features that are being taken up while designing promotional videos for a company or a business are:

  • First and foremost, without a doubt, these promotional videos are the best reasonable forms of marketing. These require affordable investment but ensure maximum return on investment. Hence, the maximum output with minimum input criteria is fulfilled.
  • A video is always more interactive. It is true that the present day social media platforms have the majority of public glued to it owing to the digital revolution today, but a video is more engaging as it can engage more number of people at the same time.
  • It is easy to spread with the help of a promotional video because it can be shared through the internet and can immediately reach millions of people connected in the network with the help of YouTube sharing. YouTube is the main video marketing platform today.
  • Various characteristics can be incorporated into the videos like excellent editing techniques, music, images, graphics, animations, illustrations, etc. in order to create a magical spell that will leave a long-lasting impact on the minds because it is always easy for the brain to comprehend the meaning of promotional videos.

Therefore, businesses must ensure to keep aside a design strategy for promotional videos in order to etch a mark in the world of marketing.

PKM Designs: The Key to your Success

Search engine is a word that we are very used to hearing in the present day context. Everything that we want to know about can be accessed through the internet. This is a present day technological boon.  Web is fast replacing the other traditional methods of enquiry. It is rarely seen nowadays that people go out asking on something when they need to know, but what most of us do is instantly look up the web in search of any information. This is how the internet has intruded and taken over our lives from all aspects.

What are SEO Services?

SEO services, also known as search engine optimisation services are various methods and strategies to attract more visitors to your page and also securing a high placement in the order of search pages in any search engine. SEO services are very important in enhancing your business and taking it to the zenith. Let us take a look at the benefits of SEO services!

  • SEO services provide low cost results. This is very important since with a very minimum payment you get to enjoy the increasing traffic in your page.
  • With the application of online tools and strategies, a definite increase in traffic is guaranteed.

seo website analysis

  • SEO works a great deal in enhancing your brand credibility. Ranking as the top search result in search engines like Google promotes your brand value and adds to the credibility of your company.
  • SEO is one of the easiest ways to make your business stand out. There are a million companies fighting for their share of online space, as a dynamic online presence is a prerequisite for any good business. With SEO, your company will stand out even in the crowd.

What is SEO Website Analysis?

Website analysis is a prerequisite for taking over any SEO project. In many a cases it is not possible to start with the SEO services before a complete website analysis. This website analysis helps to understand what the website is about and how the search engine optimisation tools would work for it. According to many experts in the field of marketing technologies, looking at the entire SEO picture is the key. There is no one winning formula for success. But one of the good and integral aspects of basic SEO is analysis. Some of the basic constituents of SEO website analysis are as follows:

  • Statistical Data.
  • Clear explanation of Terminology.
  • Specific Keyword Research.

PKM Designs, your search engine partner:

We, PKM Designs are a Portland Based SEO Expert Company which works at enhancing the online presence of your business.  We strive to give your business the popularity that it deserves. We have a fully equipped technical team working and devising strategies that would suit your needs perfectly. We excel in designing unique, customised websites that will make your business popular. We provide high quality services that will help you take your business forward and make it successful.


Critical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Understanding the searcher needs and wants can be learnt by reading though the pages of This is one way to brainstorm the set of keyword usage pattern of the users in a dynamic way. The technical team here has formulated some of the most effective coding methods for synergizing the SEO processes. They have identified some of common mistakes in SEO which result in decreased efficiency and effectiveness of your website.

SEO tips - GGG Marketing

Common SEO Mistakes

  • Low Quality Text Content: – Adding quality images can make your website attractive to the visitors and increase its value, provided the readers can make sense out of them. This is where the text content becomes important. Text content can attract web crawlers, make your website visible, boost SEO ranking, optimize keywords, make the images relevant, establish links and establish connectivity between the potential customers and your products/ services. So you need to pay special attention to the text content quality and its relevance.
  • Excess Keyword Density: – Keywords are essential for a website to attract inbound traffic. When used in excess they result in increased bounce rate. This happens when a user visits your website, sees the landing page and goes out. This happens when your site is filled with too many “keywords” which could make the user think that the content irrelevant. So you need to optimize the use of keywords and make the content context sensitive to the user. Though there is no standard density formulas for all the content, experts suggest 3%-4% of each keyword for the home page and 2%-3% for the sub pages. This could vary depending on the site and products.
  • Poor understanding of user vocabulary: – Many of the website owners assume things about the words used by searchers. They choose only those keywords which are appealing to them to be inserted into the website pages. Not all the searchers can think like experts. Many of them may use raw keyword phrases which may not be grammatically correct. According to an online analysis of the user search patterns, more than 70% of the searchers seem to give no importance to grammar while entering search text. So your website needs to be fine tuned to accommodate all possible keywords. This can be done by On Page SEO experts who design and develop your website.
  • Ignorance of Competition: – The online market is filled with many potential competitors selling your kind of products and services. Keywords selection can result in collisions of links for the search engine which can result in lower ranking. So you need to get access to coding techniques which can match the user input keywords with those in your website by using multiple permutation and combination. You may not be able to get them right for the first time. But the SEO service provider can do it for your website.
  • Confusion about Keywords: -This happens even with seasoned SEO experts. Consistent updates to your website based on the SEO analytic results can improve the visibility of your website to the visiting users.

Easy Tips On Growing A Business Without Much Investment

In today’s time, there have been so many searches on tips for growing a business but if you take a closer look as compared to no. businesses that starts, there is more number of businesses that ends. The reason is lack of strategy, effective planning and improper team force working on the project. However, there are many business owners who are ready to learn new tricks and techniques to achieve the goals and stand out the best in the competitive environment. For such people, here are some of the efficient tips that can be helpful.

You Need To Choose Right People:

If you don’t have a good team, there is no point of seeing your business grow. Yes, while growing a business, you need to hire the right people who can actually work for your company hard enough to generate a good income and help you gain a good reputation. Choose the qualified people with a good experience who can work as a team and also as an individual.

Established Revenue Sources Are Important:

This is another important tip that people who is looking forward for growing a business needs to follow. Instead of acquiring new customers, you need to focus on attending those who are already part of your team. They eventually can works as your reference and can reach out to maximum people without you putting any extra efforts. There are some of the best marketing strategies which can help you retain such customers.

Be organized:

This is another important tip on growing a business and of course the most important one. To make sure you achieve a good success in your business, you need to stay organized. It will help you reach out your goals and finish all the tasks while you stay on the top of things. It will also help you list out things well on which thing needs to be prioritizing and improve the business survival.

People Work For People:

This is one of the most important concepts that you should never forget as a tip on growing a business. There are many are businesses who actually understand the real meaning behind it. It means that when you open a business instead of focusing generating revenue; focus on choosing the talented people. Keep implement strategies that can improve the beliefs and culture to keep customers happy.

Always Maintain Records:

Often people forget to consider this as a critical tip on growing a business. You need to have a detail record on successful businesses achievements and loss. This will help you know the position of you business in the market and at financial level. Besides, it will also help you make some incredible strategies by which you can overcome some difficulties.

As you keep on searching for tips on growing a business remember, you must have a good planning with the team that have good organization skills. While starting a business, you should have all basic things like computer with security system, online services and other regular stationary as well.