Eid in Saudia Arabia and UAE

All Muslims celebrate Eid day with full happiness. Eid is the spiritual holiday celebrated by Muslims. It is the most significant day for all Muslims around the world. Basically there are three Eid days for Muslims in a year. The first day is Eid-ul-fiter, second is Eid-ul-adha and third is minor than others two that is Eid milad-un-nabi. Eid day is a blessing day for all Muslims. All Muslims wait whole year for this day with anxiety to say Eid Mubarak

  • Eid-ul-fitter

 Eid-ul-fiter is the first Eid that Muslims celebrate in a year. This Eid is the most important and special day for all Muslims. Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-fiter after the month of fast. After fasting whole month Muslims celebrate this day with happiness. All Muslims fast full day before sunrise to after sunset. On Eid day all Muslims perform prayer and after prayer they wish to all other Muslims with pleasure and joy.

  • When is Eid-ul-fiter in 2017??

Eid-ul-fiter perceived after the month of Ramazan It is difficult to forecast the eid-ul-fiter day.All Muslims celebrate this Eid at the end of fasting month. The day for Eid is predict after the new moon sighted. In many countries Muslims are able to see the moon but in most countries they calculate the Eid day according to the new moon sighted. May be this year 2017 eid-ul-fier will be celebrate on 25 June. It will be continue from 25 June to till 27 June. Although Eid-ul-fiter always celebrated according to the Islamic calendar. Almost the date is confirmed by fiqha Islamic council.

  • Eid-ul-fitter celebration in Saudi Arabia

Eid ul-Fiter is a holiday that is celebrated with huge magnificence in Saudi Arabia. The welcoming customs and big-heartedness of the Saudi citizens become quite prominent on Eid. First, it is Saudi tradition for families to collect at the male-controlled home following the Eid prayers. Before to the special Eid food is obliged, little kids will stand in front of every fully-grown member of family who give Riyals (Saudi currency) to the kids. Members of Family will also usually have atime where they will give different gift packets to the kids. These packets are amazingly decorated and are full of toys and candies and love.

  • Eid-ul-fiter in UAE

It is one of the most important event that carried joy to the hearts of the people of the UAE. When the moon appeared on the skyline, shots were fired in the air to announce Eid-ul-fiter. Then, people would like take their breakfast on the spot and after the Eid prayer they return back to their homes, singing famous traditional Eid songs and grinning with joy and pleasure.