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We might not concentrate on the small things that make larger differences in our life. These small things are which provide large opportunities for people like us. OpenBitTorrent is one of those things; we use every single day of our life. We have never concentrated on what these things are. Torrents are file or folders that contain Meta data regarding the file that is to be distributed. In this review, we will discuss an individual network that makes our life easier that is open bit torrent.

OpenBitTorrent website is one of the trending websites that provides torrents to its clients all around the globe. The site began with the main theme to provide free torrents or Meta data to clients all around the globe.  This website was a project of Bit Torrent site. They wanted to provide their clients with an open and stable connection to torrents all around the world. The site was providing a unique torrent service having no ties with any index websites. They separated even from the local webhost providers to provide the best to their customers.

They became a great success in very less time. Clients started preferring an open and stable torrent network rather than the old versions. This torrent site was also doubted as a side project for another torrent site Pirate Bay. The main reason for this doubt was that the websites used similar trackers for their sites. Regardless of the doubts, the corporation stated it to be wrong. They considered that they were using similar trackers for just a small period.

Due to a case of Hollywood studios against the Pirate Bay the site (open bit torrent) was shut down in 2010. The site although started again later in some time. They shut down the site because both the sites were run on a similar software.

In 2012, the site was shut down again due to a protest against the uTorrent services. This case was filed by the co-founder of Pirate Bay, Fredrik Neij. This was protest due to the lack of adopting better services for improvement. This resulted in a lot of complaints of slow download from Bit Torrent.

In 2014, people started reporting that this website had become unreachable. This was due to the arrest of the co-founder of Pirate Bay. These things resulted in a lot of complaints, but the site emerged from it too.

In 2015, the website removed its tracker from the open network that led to unreachable issues again. Although the site was open to its clients, it was not found on the web. They started working on this issue later on in May 2015, they addressed this issue by getting their site online, but the tracker was nowhere to be found.

The site is a unique and new type of torrent provider. Although this site had a lot of issues to rise from yet, it still stands in the best torrent provider list. Even now clients prefer this site to gain their torrent downloads.

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