A beginner Guide for Blogging by Aditi Malhotra

Greetings! Hello and welcome to my blog. Your landing on my page is valuable for me. My name is Aditi Malhotra the Author and admin of Lottery Sambad Blogs. In this post, I am going to show you how you can increase your visitors to your websites. So don’t leave it yet and come with me. Before we start, I am very excited to introduce myself. So let’s get started with my brief bio.

A Wife, Mother, Author, and Blogger

Yes, I am married and have a cute baby girl as well. I am also writing some books at this time. And of course, I am doing blogging as well. I am working on different social affairs right now. Along with this, I am also helping my peoples to survive and do something good. As a mother and a wife, I am very sensitive to my family. I can relate to the pain and stress of people who have to live in poor families. A family is a blessing of GOD. So, I am very lucky I have a small but very good family. I take inspiration from my motherhood. I am doing blogging to help my people and educate them.

Creative Writing is something you need

It is the fact that every person is not a creative writer. In order to engage your readers, you have to write with versatility. One thing keeps in mind that is, you have to write for people. And also you should provide something that gives benefits to others. Never become selfish and greedy. Always start your blog with a good intention. You have to write that you get love from people.

Provide Solutions and Guidance

If you are a beginner and don’t know what to write for? Then don’t worry at all. I have a solution to your problem. The best thing to write is to solve people’s problems and provide them guidance. Every person must an expert in something that he loves to do. So you can start a website which provides the tips for good cooking. Or you can start a blog that will guide people for choosing the right profession. It all depends on your expertise. So try it today and see what comes up.

Share your Knowledge

If you have useful knowledge then why you won’t you share it with the world? It’s a good idea indeed. As they said, “Sharing is Caring” so let’s do it. If you are a teacher then you can teach to others with your blog. If you are an adviser, then you can give some very useful free advice to others. So it’s a good idea to share your knowledge with the help of your blog.

Final Thoughts

It is fun to start a blog and run it to helping others. You will see your success once you start helping others. You can start your blog on any topic but never be greedy for money. Help others and stay happy.