How many points do I have at Infonavit and how can I increase them?


Infonavit points are a system for selecting Infonavit beneficiaries who are eligible for a mortgage loan. To calculate the points that correspond to an Infonavit affiliate, the institution evaluates the beneficiary based on their age, salary, work seniority and their balance in the housing subaccount.

How many Infonavit points are needed to access a mortgage credit?

In order to receive a mortgage at Infonavit, you must have a minimum of 116 points. These points are calculated taking into account the following:

  • Your age and salary .
Age Salary in Measure and Update Unit (UMA)
1.0 to 2.6 2.7 to 3.6 3.7 to 5.2 5.3 to 6.7 6.8 to 11.0 11.1 or more
17 30 31 32 3. 4 39 40
18 to 20 56 57 58 60 65 66
21 to 34 60 61 62 64 69 70
35 to 42 63 64 65 67 72 73
43 to 49 66 67 68 70 75 76
50 or more 51 52 53 55 60 61

Source: Infonavit

  • Your savings at Infonavit . The more money you have in your subaccount, the greater number of points you will accumulate. Infonavit uses UMAS (Measurement and Update Unit) as a measure, one UMA is equivalent to $ 84.49 Mexican pesos and in monthly salary $ 2,568.50 Mexican pesos.


  • The time that your employer or employers have paid contributions in your favor . The average time to obtain the minimum score varies from 6 months to 3 years, contributing continuously.

With your Infonavit credit you can buy new houses or used houses, you can also build on your own land or make extensions, remodelings to the house you already have and even pay mortgages previously acquired.

Check your prequalification

Through the prequalification you will be able to know how many Infonavit points you have accumulated, also, how much Infonavit lends you, what will be your monthly discount and how long is the term in which you will pay your credit. In addition, if your points are scarce or insufficient, through the prequalification you will be able to know an approximate time in which you can request your Infonavit credit.

To check your prequalification you must provide your Social Security Number (NSS), your date of birth, and if you want to request a spousal credit. Check your prequalification here.

What can I do to increase my Infonavit points?

  • Work in the same place continuously
  • Search for a promotion
  • Buy Infonavit points

Work in the same place continuously

When you change from one job to another, you run the risk of losing the points that correspond to you for working continuously, since, if your new employer takes time to declare you as his new worker, your contribution will be paused.

Consider that the contributions by the company are made every two months, so we recommend that you check that your new job is updated immediately so that you do not lose them.

Search for a promotion

It is well known that the salary that each rightful holder receives directly influences the Infonavit points. If you want to increase your points, we suggest you look for the possibility of increasing your salary.

You can invest in training and overtime, or look for a job that has potential for growth.

Buy Infonavit points

Infonavit offers this alternative through the Secure Credit scheme, which will allow you to get the 116 Infonavit points you need to access credit.

To have access to the purchase of Infonavit points, you must have between 80 and 110 points and save the amount of money that Infonavit requests from you within a period of 4 to 24 months. If at the end of the aforementioned term you have saved the indicated amount, you can apply for your mortgage credit and the money you saved will be credited to your housing subaccount.

Do you already have 116 Infonavit points to buy a house? Start your search for houses for sale with Infonavit here .