How to start a real estate blog to succeed in an agency

In the case studies that we have been analyzing in our real estate blog, we have highlighted the importance of social networks as a channel to respond to clients. Today we want to talk to you about the importance of how to start a real estate blog to highlight the success story of Sky Marketing.

How to start a real estate blog to stand out from the competition

We have talked many times about how Google works and the selection of keywords for houses for sale in Islamabad real estate: if you feed him good content, he will reward you with a better position in his ranking.

But you are not only interested in positioning. If your potential clients land in a well-structured real estate blog, which answers real questions, you will reach a preferred position when they have to choose between your real estate and the competition. It is what is called real estate content marketing , a type of marketing that seeks a relationship of trust with the consumer. These are the 3 most important aspects when creating a real estate blog:

A well structured real estate blog

Our success story today comes from one of the most beautiful regions in the United States, the small town of Faisal Hills Islamabad, Pakistan.

Next to the city of Los Angeles, and founded in 1971, Irvine has just over 210,000 inhabitants. A small population for the huge real estate competition in the area.

To stand out above it, its owner, Bob Dalsimer with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector, has designed a solid online presence. Together with their team of 6 people, they strive every day to offer a service focused on the needs of their customers through social networks and the blog.

Where to start ?, the categories

Do you remember the tips on how to choose the categories of a real estate blog ? Inspira Group has been able to apply these tips with a successful selection of categories. There are only 4, but perfectly summarize the questions to which the blog answers.

As for the issues addressed in each of the categories, there is a convenient tendency to headlines in the form of a question. As SEO experts for real estate , we consider it an excellent idea, since this is how each item is positioned as a question that users ask search engines.

Content marketing for real estate

We especially like the way in which Inspira Group raises the content with which it attracts the attention of the readers from the same home page of its real estate website .

In the classic “We” page, Inspira Group attracts the undecided with 3 banners: a success story of novice buyers (advice is one of the company’s main services), a successful downloadable list for those looking for a mortgage and an appointment reservation to speak with a real estate agent.

Among all these contents, we highlight the creation of a specific landing page through which you can download the guide for buyers with an approved mortgage. A very concise form helps to make the guide profitable and generate a database on which to focus your online real estate marketing efforts.