How to take better photos for your online store – and make more sales

Check out tips for making better photos for your online store – whether you have some money to invest or if you need to make the images yourself

The online market is growing every year. Thus, it is very common that more and more companies are also present in this environment, as they manage to reach a huge number of people. When it comes to ecommerce, having good photos for the virtual store is one of the main issues to be worked on.

To work with a virtual store, one of the most important points of the entire enterprise are the images of the products. Using good photographs is a key point, which brings many benefits and results in terms of sales.

This is because the image of a product is the first contact the customer has with the object, which makes it a crucial pass at that moment. Thus, they must express all the qualities of what you want to sell, not just something illustrative, that does not bring the true reality.

Tips to have good photos for the online store

In the course of this post, park view lahore will cover several aspects that help when producing good photos for an online store. First, let’s bring up the opportunities that more professional productions provide. Many of these tips can be applied in everyday life. Then we give you more guidance on how to get around leaner budgets and still get good images. So, prepare the machine (or smartphone) and let’s go!

Use own photos

Working with your own image, taken directly from what is being marketed, expresses the truth about the product. Credibility is absolutely essential in photos for the online store. This brings more confidence to customers and, consequently, more satisfaction from them, as they will receive exactly what they bought.

This practical issue can be very well observed in the food industry. For example, someone might advertise an image of an internet pizza that doesn’t match their product. The customer, practically feeling the juiciness of the food through the photo, places the order. However, when he receives his pizza, he finds something totally different, as the photo was only meant to deceive the consumer. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Therefore, it is important to show the reality, work with quality products and really show what will be sold. This will not only bring more confidence to consumers, but it will also make them captive and loyal.

Of course, there are many cases where, depending on the situation, it is possible to work with images from the internet, looking in image banks, as there may not be much margin for distortion. The ideal, however, is the self-image.

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Worry about photo quality

Another important point, obviously, is the quality of photos for the virtual store. That’s because there’s no point in being their own if they don’t capture the essence of the product.

In order to obtain a quality image, it is necessary to have quality equipment. The ideal scenario for taking the best photographs is a professional photographer, the use of professional photographic cameras and a professional studio.


photographer takes photo for online store

Camera photo created by freepik –

The photographer is a trained professional endowed with the necessary knowledge regarding angle, light, depth, relief and many others. Photographing, after all, requires much more than the necessary equipment, as it is necessary to understand the subject and look for the best points in the image.

This is necessary, because in the photos for the virtual store it is necessary to take these precautions, and especially highlight what you really want to value. For example, when marketing a massager in a beauty supply store, you need to highlight your main areas.

If the object’s main differential is the area of ​​contact with the skin, with its raised points, it is essential, when taking the photograph, to show this point. That’s because it’s the most relevant part for the consumer.

Professional Photo Cameras

In many areas, what really makes a person professional are their tools, and photography is no different. Knowledge is really fundamental, but it is necessary to have what to apply it to. Photo cameras are by far the most suitable option to accomplish this task.

These cameras provide a wide variety of choices when taking pictures. Its great advantage are its lenses, which are adaptable and can achieve really amazing effects.

The quality that a professional equipment provides is really impressive. They can capture even the smallest details in an object, giving more depth to your reliefs. They are also able to handle ambient light better, capturing colors more perfectly.

Thus, its use is something that brings many benefits to visual retailers, as they provide the best images of their products.

Professional studio

The environment is another factor that directly influences the process of capturing the best photos for the online store. When thinking about the environment, one must take into account mainly the light.

The ideal light for taking pictures is natural. This is because it is the same with which the consumer views the product, so it will show the real characteristics of the object. Faced with human vision, for example, natural light does not interfere with the product’s colors, in addition to being a broader light as it belongs to the environment itself.

However, to maximize its effects, the ideal is to use a professional studio, as it provides the perfect environment for photography. In addition to removing all the leftovers that cause a totally negative and distorted effect from the product, the studio provides the ideal setting for the object.

Photo background

When talking about shadows, they can change the object’s characteristics, either by omitting or even by enlarging a detail. The background, in turn, is another crucial point of photos for the virtual store, as they can be more disruptive than they bring many benefits.

A poorly designed background can easily confuse the consumer or give them a bad impression of the product. Many unnecessary elements “dirt” the image, directly interfering with the understanding of the observer.

For this reason, so that there are no problems, it is necessary to work with a neutral backdrop, allowing the object to stand out in the image. The neutral background, such as an entirely white background, does not produce any additional effects. All he does is just let the product stand out.

And, often, this is the best option, as it does not interfere with the observer’s understanding, nor does it waste time observing other details of the image. This also makes it so that the person viewing the image has no distractions, and can really only observe what matters.

Thus, the background of an image is something that really needs to be worked on. Of course, sometimes it is interesting to make the environment more suitable can contribute a lot too.

For example: when selling a protective cover for cars, it is interesting that, instead of being packed, it is already placed on the vehicle, showing its functionality. But even so, a neutral background would still be a good alternative, so as not to disturb the image.

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Photos for online store in a more practical way

Of course there are many realities to be observed, and it is quite possible that not everyone has the possibility of getting a studio and a professional photographer. However, this does not mean that the product images come out with low quality.

This is because it is quite possible to work with other options and obtain a satisfactory result. For example, it only takes a little effort and study of photography techniques to learn at least some basic tricks and, thus, get a good result.

Use smartphone cameras

Cameras can also be replaced by smartphones, which are increasingly also of really impressive quality. This evolution is due to many things, but social networks play a central role in all of this. Consumers are increasingly looking for cell phones with this capability, as they become a more practical way of using them.

photo for online store with cell phone

People photo created by freepik –

A smartphone is where most of these people browse and post. And having a device that captures quality images is really a big plus. Therefore, the evolution of this capability in cell phones is increasingly fast, with not just one, but two, three, five, and even more cameras.

Each smartphone has its peculiarities, but they are usually interconnected cameras, working with the different lenses of professional equipment. Thus, each one has a different functionality, giving more depth to the image, for example. Thus, it is quite possible, if you work with good photos for the virtual store using only smartphones.

Create backdrops for your photos

As for the setting, it is also feasible to adapt a space to take photographs. Of course you must respect all issues of shadows, light, background and other issues for a suitable environment.

As for smaller objects, there is the possibility of creating a professional mini studio, which provides all the necessary variants. And on YouTube it’s not difficult to find several examples for this project, as you can see in the video below.

Another possibility in relation to the background is its removal from the original photograph. Thus, you capture the images in an environment that is well suited to lighting, even if the background is not conducive. Then, edit this image removing the inappropriate background, leaving only the image of the object to be disclosed.

A good option to accomplish this task is the Zero Image Background Tool. This is a free online tool that works directly on the web, without the need to download apps. And all you have to do is go to the site, drag the image and download it, all in a few seconds.

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The power of photos for your online store’s Digital Marketing

Now that you know the importance of photos for your online store, how about using the tips we gave you and applying them? You will notice how easy it is to have images with professional qualities and how this can influence the customer at the time of purchase.

It is interesting to know that you can measure the result of your investment in good images for your ecommerce. This is one of the great advantages of Digital Marketing: understanding the origin of your traffic, you’re Leads and your buyers, giving you the opportunity to generate even more sales!

The best way to do this is by using RD Station Marketing in your online store. The tool is ideal for your company to make better campaigns, nurture Leads, generate qualified business opportunities and achieve more results. It includes functionality from social media to email, from conversion pages to pop-ups, from automation to analyzing your results!