Radon Test Fraud

Just Assume that people who are interested in buying makes an offer on the house and its said that the seller when give the keys will also has to present the results of Radon Gas tests. Both parties agree and the seller hire a person that does tests by using charcoal cannisters and as it is much cheap i.e. costs around 10$ to 15$ a piece as compared to the other testing that is done by professionals and using electronic machinery which costs like 1000$ to 1500$. Although cannister testing is accurate and fast but it can easily be tampered with like for Example the inspector puts the cannister in the basement and asks him that he will come at noon to pick it up. Now the seller thinks that if his house has high levels of radon gas then he has to spend like 1500$ to mitigate it now what he does that he covers the cannister with a plastic sheet. So, that less amount of Radon gas enters into the cannister from the air and the level of concentration in the results be shown less. You might be thinking what I am thinking right now that this is a fraud. Yes, it is and you may be surprised how frequently people use such tactics. Now the sad thing is that the family who has moved in to their new house thinking that they are perfectly safe may actually be living in a house with dangerously high radon levels. Always remember to avoid such frauds always measure the Radon Levels with a continuous monitoring device because they give you result on an hourly basis and on them you can not only measure Radon gas levels but also the temperature and pressure changes in a room (i.e. if windows or door is opened it instantly detects the temperature and pressure change). They can also detect the motion i.e. have internal motion sensors, if someone gets an idea of putting it in the back porch then it sends you the reading. They can also sense the presence of someone coming in the test area and for how long they have stayed there. All these features are included in a  best radon detector (continuous monitoring device) and do make sure that when buying or selling a house use such kind of device.

Following are the reasons due to which we at lifetime Radon Solutions recommend using a continuous monitoring device for Radon Gas Testing.

  • Charcoal Cannisters aren’t reliable i.e. firstly they can be easily tempered with and secondly their result took days to arrive from a lab which becomes a hurdle in buying or selling a house.
  • Rain effects the results in a major way because rain drives radon gas out of the soil and you can’t get accurate results during a rain. Continuous monitoring device is preferred in such conditions because firstly it gives results on hourly basis so when the rain starts, you’ll know the increase in Radon levels and you can either ignore those reading on the whole or you can redo the testing if you want.
  • Continuous Monitors are the best because they are firstly tempered proof and secondly there reading are accurate and quick i.e. you can get them within hours.