Real Estate Advertising Agency – How to choose?

Choosing a good advertising agency for real estate is not always an easy task. After all, a number of factors are directly related to the choice. And for the choice to be definitely productive and positive, these factors need to be understood in a professional way.

In today’s text, we’ll better understand how the process of hiring a real estate advertising agency is, what criteria to consider and, thus, be able to understand if the price is high or low. And all of this, starting from basic principles, as your primordial and priority need at that moment.

Hiring an advertising agency is not a big deal. But, you can’t just hire just anyone either. It is necessary, rather, to understand the business in a way that the decision goes through a rational line and not purely emotional. We will understand everything from now on.

Come on?


Real Estate Advertising Agency – How to choose the right one?

To choose the advertising agency for real estate that really “suits” your company, it is necessary to do a great study in the market.

With just a few clicks, you can now find countless agencies on the internet. Some close to you, others less so. But the fact is that the offer is very large and, consequently, the quality of the work also ends up being better.

Make online advertising or offline for real estate has become an increasingly important way to compete in the market.

And the truth is, there are many tools today that can help you. But, no tool is able to offer resources as good as an agency with qualified professionals.

After all, the feeling and timing of certain situations will only be right if there is an alignment with the market, with the competition and with the target audience.

And, for that, there’s nothing better than combining business with pleasure, right? In other words, joining your real estate market expertise with the expertise of professionals tuned in to trends and actions to boost sales.

To help you with your choice, blueworld city have a very practical step-by-step guide. You can still make a decision today if you already have some options on the table. Look:

  • How do you know if your real estate agency needs an advertising agency?;
  • Understand your needs and look for deals within it;
  • See the agency’s portfolio to make your decision;
  • Check the payment method for services – Know what you are paying for;
  • Measure results to follow a winning path;

We will understand each of these topics from now on in detail. Follow up!


How do you know if your real estate agency needs an advertising agency?

The first step is, in fact, to understand if you need a real estate advertising agency. After all, not all types of businesses fit the criteria for having an agency. But what criteria are these? There are countless! Among them, the following:

  • Retail sales;
  • Real estate releases;
  • Large product portfolio;
  • Relatively high sales volume;
  • Dedicated marketing team;

But, if your real estate agency doesn’t fit this profile, does it mean that it doesn’t need the attention of an agency? No. It means that you can opt for other alternatives, such as self-employed professionals who can meet specific demands.

Thus, you ensure maximum optimization of your budget and, with that, your growth happens slowly, but with balance.

However, here comes a very interesting point: nowadays, there are numerous types of agencies in the market. There are big ones, medium ones and small ones.

And there are also those that are tailored to your business. And this is great, because you will be able to receive quality work, without having to invest a value that is completely out of your reality.

In short, you need to find your space and the right agency. And the next topics will certainly help you with that. Follow up!

Understand your needs and look for deals within it

The second criterion for choosing a good advertising agency for real estate is to understand your needs. This sounds obvious, but believe me: few people actually do.

Understanding needs is much more a matter of interpreting your business plan and making projections of objectives and goals. And, on top of these criteria, you will be able to generate demands that can be met in a professional and qualified manner.

For example, if you are about to launch a property in a certain city and need to start a sales campaign, know that an agency will be of great value. After all, a lot of work will need to be done even before the first piece hits the street.

So, you can hire the agency on time for this work, or on a monthly basis, pay a fixed amount per month to receive the work according to your needs. It all depends on the amount of work and your budget.

So forget today and yesterday. Focus on tomorrow and, with this, you will be able to set objectives and goals according to your business projections. The more organized your needs are, the less the agency will charge and the better your resources will be distributed. Always keep this in mind!


See the agency’s portfolio to make your decision

Another essential and fundamental point for anyone looking to hire a qualified advertising agency is, of course, to analyze its portfolio.

After all, the best work developed by the company will be in the portfolio. And based on that, you can determine whether or not the investment is worth it.

But here, it is important to note one detail. Many people get confused when analyzing an agency’s portfolio, thinking that in the portfolio they need to have the same or similar work to what you intend to do.

In other words, it’s not because the agency has never served a real estate agency that it won’t be able to meet yours, ok?

Advertising agencies are professionals and the work performed is based on needs and goals. In other words, they are able to perform a series of services.

The best recommendation is: talk, analyze, schedule meetings, make comparisons, listen to proposals, etc. The more you feel the agency’s professionalism, the better.

The portfolio helps. But don’t judge for him alone. There are many good agencies in the market that may not have the “shiniest” portfolio on the shelf. And there are a lot of bad agencies that “shine” their awards and work more than they really are, just to be able to charge more.

Beware of it!

Check the payment method for services – Know what you are paying

Another key point for you to choose a good advertising agency for your real estate is to be careful to understand what you are paying.

Therefore, have a close relationship with the agency’s service. Learn about pricing and keep track of expenses.

There are two ways an agency can charge for work performed. The first one is the monthly fee . Here, the agency will charge a monthly fee to carry out the work and demands stipulated by contract.

The other form of collection is through work done. Here, your real estate agency will be charged for each service that the agency provides.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both situations. If you only need occasional jobs, it’s not worth the monthly investment. Now, if you have a lot of jobs in the month, it’s worth paying a closed fee, as individual fees are usually higher.

So, again: meet with the agency in question, make these matters clear and put it at the tip of your pencil to understand what you can do.

And detail: never stop negotiating! Always ask for a discount based on some valid argument. Never ask for a discount without arguing. This will take away your convincing power.

Measure results to follow a winning path

And finally, one of the most important tips to choose a good agency for your real estate agency: it needs to help you measure results ! You will often have to pay for this measurement to take place. After all, this is a separate job and needs to be done by the agency to provide data and statistics for you, what happened or not in the campaign.

But, never stop questioning this type of situation. In other words, try to understand if the agency is committed to delivering results, or just performs random services to comply with the schedule. But, be careful not to confuse and change responsibilities, ok?

After all, an agency is not the savior of the motherland. It just helps resolve demands that your marketing and planning team create. In other words, the responsibility for an ad to sell or not is much more on the person who planned it than on the person who executed it. Always remember this.

I chose the agency – Now what?

So far, we’ve understood some of the most important criteria for you to find a good real estate advertising agency. But, after the choice, what needs to be done? Which paths to follow? How to organize the real estate agency to deal with the new service provider?

We have separated a list of items that are essential for the relationship between agency and real estate to be productive and profitable. After all, remember what we mentioned earlier: the agency is not the savior of the homeland. It helps, but you are the one who dictates the rules of the game and generates the demands!

Keep this in mind here to deal well with the agency:

  • Have a marketing team to deal with the agency;
  • Have a plan that allows you to carry out the actions with time;
  • Make a complete briefing to avoid rework;
  • Respect the agency’s professionals – They know what they’re doing;
  • Know how to lead the agency – Understanding the process is important;

We’ll talk about each of these items below. Follow up!

Have a marketing team to handle the agency

The first step in dealing well with real estate is, in fact, to have a marketing team. Marketing is the link between demand and execution. In other words, it is with this team that all the work carried out by the agency can, in fact, be carried out.

The real estate marketing needs to be guided by a medium and long-term plan. In other words, you need to know where you want to go at the end of the year, and not build an action overnight, hoping it will yield extraordinary results.

The more patience and calm you have and understand that your real estate will grow over time, the better the results the agency will be able to deliver.

Have a plan that allows you to carry out actions with time

This is an essential tip for dealing well with the agency. Give her time to work! And for that, you need to have a marketing plan set up intelligently and always aiming for goals on the horizon.

So, if you need a campaign to be running on the X day, put it at the agency at least 2 weeks in advance.

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend even more on urgent budgets. After all, agencies charge extra to stop everything they are doing to meet an urgent agenda.

Organization generates resource optimization. Remember this!

Make a complete briefing to avoid rework

Another very important issue that needs to be considered after you hire the right agency is to understand the importance of having a good briefing for each job. And this, of course, your marketing team will need to master.

A good briefing is one that understands all the needs of the demand, objectives, target audience and deadlines. With this, the agency will certainly be able to do a much more professional and directed work. Soon, there will be less rework.

Respect the agency’s professionals – They know what they’re doing

And finally, always respect the agency’s professionals. This sounds obvious, but believe me, few people do. That is, the people who are at the agency know what they are doing.

As much as you may not like one color or another (example), they were used for a reason.

Always look for a rational explanation for each piece or work done. The more grounding you have, the easier it will be for you to accept and approve a project.

But, of course, as long as you are within the briefing and understand all your real estate needs.

Count on Ville Imob to help you with professional tools to make your real estate even more winning!