The Real Estate Advisor that uses the Neuro Venta

Selling Informing is the Best Way to Sell.

The Real Estate Advisors including Sky Marketing Islamabad who uses the NeuroVenta is usually an expert who tends to earn an average of $ 10,000 per month. The real estate consultant has become an “expert” because he has learned to use the Neuroventa Real Estate to continue maintaining his sales pace. For any successful real estate agent accustomed to 5-figure monthly commissions, it is uncomfortable to experience a decrease in income for a month. Not reaching your average monthly billing is taken as a matter of personal and professional prestige.

As a friend of mine says: “It is quite uncomfortable to travel again in tourist class, when you have traveled in business class .”

This is what happens to successful real estate consultants . In order not to have to travel again in tourist class, they attend courses on new sales techniques to adapt them to their sector. For this reason it is formed in Neuroventas to maintain its professional prestige and monthly income. Let’s analyze what the Real Estate Neuroventa provides.

Real Estate Advisor: Money is in the Neuro-sale.

The Neuroventa Inmobiliaria is the understanding and application of the principles of psychology for sale that explains how, why and when people make purchasing decisions based on communication and emotions.

The Neuroventa allows the real estate consultant to know what is the best way to help his client buy a property, understanding how he tends to think; It tends to communicate and tends to make a purchase decision. It is based above all on knowing how to interpret the clients’ body language and their way of expressing themselves grammatically.

From the point of view of real estate sales, Neuroventa is one of the great discoveries in the commercial field that has never been made.

The real estate consultant who dominates the Neuroventa, ( which does not take much time, everything is said) , you can be sure that your sales and income will rise like the foam.

In my face-to-face seminars, when I show commercials how to interpret the buying behaviors of various types of people, I find that attention and silence are at the top. For some, knowing the real meaning of some expressions and behaviors is surprising and intriguing.

We demonstrate how through NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming, using the DISC theory and understanding how the two parts of the human brain work, we can close more sales, easier and faster.

It is not about teaching the real estate advisor to use a little dark or subliminal psychological practices to convince the client to buy your property. Nothing of that.

The wonderful thing about Neroventa is that it helps the customer to buy and generates the initial confidence necessary for the customer to feel inclined to consider your offer better. It is clear that if the property you show is not really the one you need, you will not buy it.

Let’s say it another way. Using real estate Neroventa, the client feels more inclined to listen to you; more inclined to believe you, more inclined to consider the benefits of the property; more inclined to answer your questions with sincerity; more inclined to provide you with more information than you ask and much more inclined to trust you.

Precisely everything that a real estate consultant pursues during the negotiation.

| How the Real Estate Advisor negotiates with the Neuroventa.

Using Neuroventa techniques you can negotiate without pressure , without fear and full of confidence in yourself. The real estate consultant acquires this mental attitude, because he understands the basic principles of decision making. It knows how the brain incorporates, processes, interprets and stores information. He knows that the human brain consists of two hemispheres, which are related to very different areas of activity and work very differently, although complementary.

Any person to be able to perform any task needs to use both hemispheres , especially if it is a complicated or important task for us, such as buying a property.

Each cerebral hemisphere has a style of processing the information it receives.

The left hemisphere, which controls the right side of the body, processes the information you provide about the property in an analytical and sequential manner.   It is rational, analytical, logical, verbal, numerical, reasoning and realistic. Some people cling to order and structures (left hemisphere), while others are more transgressive (right hemisphere).

The right hemisphere, which controls the left side of the body, processes the information you provide about the property holistically. It is what we use when we connect with creativity, with a work of art, with music. It is related to creative thinking. It is intuitive, synthetic, diffuse, imaginative, creative and holistic. It is the part that your clients use to see themselves living in that house.

With the Neuroventa, real estate consultants learn to connect with the client by transmitting confidence from the hemisphere that the client is using at all times and also learn to communicate the benefits that the property brings from the hemisphere that at that time you need to convince your client .

This seems complicated, but with a little practice you get to master the fundamentals and over time you will become more efficient in reading and interpreting what your customers really want.

The Nueroventa helps you reduce the price sensitivity in the minds of customers. The strategy is to use images and describe concepts, so that they impact on the right hemisphere, susceptible to values, before the left, sensitive to calculations, can intervene.

The sandwich technique is also used so that the price is not perceived as the most important. First you transmit the advantage, then the price and finally the benefit.

Example: “The 3-room house, one for each of its children, with a really affordable price of $ 232,000 dollars, each of their children will have independence and space when their friends come.”

The Neuroventa also includes, among many other principles, recognizing the mental map of the clients and that of oneself to be much more effective in the sale. It shows how a property should be sold to a person with a visual, auditory or kinesthetic mental map.

Neuroventa is the most used sales technique by expert real estate consultants . Increase sales, because it helps you and demands that you focus on helping your customer buy instead of selling.

Expert Real Estate Advisor. Principles of Neuroventa.

Then I indicate only some principles of neuro sale, (there are more than 30) , which are used by expert real estate advisers to close more sales:

1.- EDAA principle. Study, detect, adapt and start. A woman does not buy a property in the same way if she is married or single, if she has no children or if she is a mother, therefore before the person visits the property she studies who your buyer is.

2.- Gender Principle. Handles a discourse differentiated by gender. We are totally different, we are wired differently, for example the woman speaks on average 16,000 words a day; on the other hand, a man on average says 5,000 words.

3.- Interleaved principle. Provide your clients with information that helps justify the purchase of housing, not everything is emotion, you must have your share of reason.

4.- Principle of Identification and Empathy. Match the buyer, prove it right, look for things that unite them, match their tone, their gestures (no mimicry, wait at least 2 minutes to acquire their posture), use their language.

5.- Principle of 3. Use the principle of 3 to sell a property. Do not show your customers more than 3 properties. Never. Three proposals If you give him only one, or two he will look for all the remaining ones with another real estate agent until he is satisfied. If you give more you will get the customer to be confused and have more doubts when buying for example there are only 3-4 sizes of plots available at Blue World City, which translates into wanting to visit even more real estate, to surely return to the first and buy it. The brain compares against something else before making the purchase decision. If you give more your brain will be disturbed and close.

6.- Principle of Partition. The first and last minutes are the most effective and the keys, leave a good first impression because that depends on the relationship.

7.- Principle of Action Verbs. When you show a house use action verbs how to: achieve, power, protect, entertain, master, transform, remember, enjoy, conquer … All these words have been tested and are the most effective. It is worth mentioning the word that your customers brain likes best is its own name.

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