The Real Estate Business that Discredits the Sector

real estate business that discredits the sector are these new “offices” of real estate that appeared last year as mushrooms in the field after the rain. They call themselves: “the alternative to real estate agencies.” The most brazen way to trick, charm and coax the owners to leave their property for sale.

But the most serious of all is that these mushrooms that have appeared in the real estate field are a shame for our sector and the most daring, shameless and insolent way of saying that real estate agents are all pirates. They want to show the public that their real estate business is serious and professional telling lies and half truths.

I hope that you, as a real estate agent and as a real estate agency, feel alluded to, hurt and do everything in your power to send these ignorant hustlers to unemployment . Let them sell anything else to another party!

These “sells fumes” have every right to set up a real estate business online, offline or in Jupiter. You have the right to offer the real estate service you want, you can promise the customers the moon, the sun and the stars; But what is inadmissible is that they blatantly release phrases on their website similar to:

“Sell your home without commissions in plot for sale in rawalpindi.”

  • “The alternative to real estate agencies.”

This is an insult to the profession, for you, for me and for any real estate professional worth his salt. I am already putting my grain of sand with this article to bring to light some clowns who call themselves professionals in the sector, (I have read it on their websites), and you should also take action on the matter; starting by denouncing them in your real estate association.

A Real Estate Business that Must Stop its Feet.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? What am I using strong and unfair words ? Nothing of that. You cannot discredit the real estate profession with the approach that these clowns have to capture properties. Menudos  real estate businesses want to develop these fakers!

Enter these links and you will check what I am talking about:\

And let one thing be clear. With this article I do not try to insult anyone, but to report a fact that is serious and that real estate associations, real estate markets, API colleges and others, should look more closely and act accordingly.

Real estate associations must protect their associates from these ignorant people and strive to demonstrate, sensitize and raise public awareness that real estate agents and agencies carry out necessary and professional work.

What are they the alternative to real estate agencies? And a horn!

“Sell your home without commissions.”  No commissions? Who are they, an NGO? What they charge they call a “Fixed Fee” You have to fuck!

You cannot allow these malandrines to include certain information on their websites fueled the public’s perception that real estate agents are mere intermediaries and that selling a property is like selling tomatoes in the market.

This is the message they are launching with their public relations campaigns . They want to show that they manage a real estate business that saves the money that real estate agents steal from them.

It is clear that there are some agents that are like rotten flocks, but from there to openly hint that we are all a real estate agent, goes a long way . In their way of presenting their services they use phrases that denote little respect for this profession and demonstrate their own ignorance and lack of scruples.

The Real Estate Business That Disdain Agents.

Let’s analyze some “diamonds” that you will find in the content of the websites of these tricksters and their doubtful real estate business .


“Find out how much you can save on commissions”

This is interpreted by “real estate agents charge a lot.” Of course they are saints and for a “handful of dollars” they do a better job.


On our website you can find out how much you will save if you sell your home without intermediaries. But if you look at the previous example, and sell your house for € 200,500, with a real estate agency you will have to pay at least € 8,530. With Housell you will pay a maximum of € 1,495. Which means a saving of more than € 7,000. Have you already thought about what you are going to do with those € 7,000?

Here real estate agents are discredited giving the perception that they are mere intermediaries. These clowns do not know what it means to sell a property, or how people buy a property. They tell you that the owners save € 7,000 euros. This is misrepresented information and we know it. 


All included in a fixed fee.

I have no problem that they charge € 1,500 euros for selling a property, but wanting to hide a commission of € 1,500 calling them fixed fee is to be stupid.

The following text is not wasted, because all this is smoke and written with bad copywriting . Here the brain was not squeezed much to sell “the motorcycle.”

With Housfy you get the help of real estate professionals and the necessary tools to sell your apartment. Expert five stars. Professionals helping you at every step.

With Housfy you have a team of people with great experience in the real estate market that will help you in all the stages of your sales process, from the creation of your ad, buyer filtering, negotiation of offers to the documentation for the sale.

The new generation of real estate agents.

– Proven experience

– Technological innovation

– Feedback and total control

So you sell your floor intelligently.

No commissions

Housfy is saving more than € 12,000 * to families compared to traditional real estate agencies. Without commissions, a single payment of € 1,990 for our services. Without risk, you pay when selling your flat.

Come on, real estate agents do not do their job, they are scammers and do not know what it is to be professional. They will be scoundrels

A Real Estate Business that Create the Sector Listings.

I don’t have it taken with Housfy, nor with the others mentioned. I wish you to earn millions, but to do so selling lollipops , carrots, lady’s bags or trips in the Caribbean. I do not care. But do not discredit the real estate sector by implying to the owners that the real estate agents are buccaneers from three to a quarter.

To say that real estate agencies charge exorbitant commissions on the sale price is deceiving, it is false and you can never speak in a general sense. Your real estate business stinks.

Here is another stupidity that encourages owners to believe that you, as a real estate agent, are not fixable.

With Clienta you can save more than 90% of what you would pay in commissions. You pay a flat rate only for the services you need, without commissions or surprises after the sale.

We could continue commenting on the type of information that is provided on this type of websites and real estate business, but I let you see how you are kidding yourself.

Real estate associations must face these pseudo professionals and plant them face. They owe it to their associates and it is part of their mission as institutions that is to contribute to making the practice of real estate management efficient, effective and ethical. A mission and crucial values ​​to help agencies and agents achieve their business success.

A Real Estate Business Against Which We Must Fight.

It saddens me and makes me furious this type of websites and their real estate businesses. They do not justify what they publish, because there are some real estate agents who do not fulfill their work. Black sheep will always be in any sector. The fact that there are bad practices in this sector does not justify capital smart city insults and their tricks to attract owners.

I would also like to remind you as a professional real estate agent that you are, it is your obligation to fight against this type of real estate business in the best possible way. I do not say that we should burn the Kiosk, (I don’t want to miss it), but I do encourage you to fight them until they change their “modus operandi”. Don’t let them discredit you this way. They are disrespecting you and they are laughing at all of us.

To put all real estate agents as commission agents, unprofessionals, pirates and scammers is going too far. These clowns will be managing a legal business, but of course they manage a business that does not respect real estate agents.

I would be grateful if you would share this article with other real estate agents, leave us a comment and if you belong to an infamous association of your indignation about these poisonous mushrooms that have just appeared in the field. This type of real estate business must change its attitude or disappear.

And if I can help something so that these ignorant people disappear from the real estate sector and seek life elsewhere, you can count on me.

NOTE: What is really sad is that some media put this type of real estate business in the clouds as if their service were necessary and welcome. That hurts and does not say much in favor of the media.