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Top 10 running water bottle

Our first choice: the Hydro Flask with standard neck (62 cl)

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The best water bottle La Hydro Flask with standard neck (62 cl)

Hydro Flask with standard neck (62 cl)

The best water bottl

The running water bottle is an insulated steel bottle, in which you can easily slide ice cubes and whose neck is pleasant. It is easy to transport and has not experienced any leaks during our tests.

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The Hydro Flask 62 cl with standard neck is the most reliable bottle we have found. It is a thermos flask, double-walled, made of stainless steel with an Epoxy lacquered exterior (this permanent coating, slightly textured, allows the wide variety of colors that exists today) and a plastic cap. It can be used with two types of covers: a flexible stopper (included) and a sports stopper. We tested both and they did not leak a single drop, unlike the covers of the Klean Kanteen, the closest competitor to the Hydro Flask. Just like the other double-walled water bottles we tested, this water bottle kept the water at a lower temperature than room temperature during the test of seventeen hours, and it did not been the victim of condensation on the outside. In addition, it is more comfortable to drink directly from the neck of this bottle than any other stainless steel bottle, thanks to its fine rim. The standard size neck is the most versatile of all the styles we have studied, since you can easily put ice cubes in it. However, the opening is not large enough to spill water on his face if you are not careful. If you only plan to buy one bottle, we think it should be this one.

The flexible buckle on the flexible cap of the Hydro Flask pivots, which makes it a little more versatile than the handles integrated into the covers of many competing models. KYLE FITZGERALD / WIRECUTTER

It is easy to drink with the sports cap, although we prefer the foolproof safety of a flexible cap.

It is easy to drink with the sports cap, although we prefer the foolproof safety of a flexible cap. KYLE FITZGERALD / WIRECUTTER

This bottle can be used with two different caps, one flexible (which we recommend) and the other sports. The two passed the anti-leak test hands down. We have a preference for the flexible cap, since we found during our tests that sports caps facilitate human error: the plastic is very rigid, difficult to close with the mouth, which increases the risk of leaving this type of half-open cap. It often takes two hands to make sure they are completely closed, which is contrary to the very principle of a sports cap.

The cap does not contain bisphenol A and Hydro Flask offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product. In other words, if the cap leaks, if the bottle loses its insulating properties or if the product is damaged during delivery, Hydro Flask can replace it.

The standard neck of the Hydro Flask is wide enough to slide normal size ice cubes, as seen on this captivating GIF. Credit: Wirecutter / Kyle Fitzgerald.